Retirement GuidePath

We partner with you to navigate your retirement journey, the GuidePath Advantage. You’ll experience our hospitable process with 3 personal face-to-face meetings as we chart your course in retirement, followed by ongoing account reviews and proactive communication.

Our Guide

Taking the Next Steps

If you’re ready and willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work it takes to get your retirement right, we want to visit with you! Here’s our GuidePath Advantage as a step-by-step guide so you know what to expect when working with us.

Getting Acquainted

What are you hoping to achieve?

We’ll spend a few moments getting to know each other and gain an understanding of what you’re hoping to achieve by engaging our team. At the end of our first meeting, you’ll be fully informed and you’ll know if you want to work with our group.


Understanding the GuidePath Advantage

Transparency is our key to success. The Retirement Positioning System (RPS), our powerful technology that is the cornerstone of the GuidePath Advantage provides you with the knowledge to make the most informed decisions with your retirement. We’ll make certain you have clear understanding of RPS and how it could possibly transform your existing financial plan.

Retirement Guide Checklist

Figuring out ‘What If’ Scenarios

After our first meeting, we’ll send you home with this checklist to gather all of the information needed to run your personalized analysis. This custom analysis provides many options and “what if” scenarios to help us determine recommendations.